About Us

Eco Memorials is a division of Dunedin Direct Ltd, which produces and sells Eco Memorials' branded products. Dunedin Direct Ltd was established in 1997 providing  e-commerce solutions.

The 'ECO' friendly trend has affected almost every industry, including the memorial industry. With environmental and economical considerations becoming more important, in New Zealand more than 70% are now choosing cremation over a traditional casket burial.

Pillow box style biodegradable urns have become a popular choice in many countries as an alternative means for scattering ashes. The problem is that these style of urns weren't easily obtainable in New Zealand. Since they're primarily manufactured in the USA made it costly and impractical to import into New Zealand.

After nearly 2 years of research we managed to come up with a means to develop and produce our own unique adaptation of the popular pillow box style urns. Our ¬©Voyager Urns are made right here in New Zealand which allows us to offer a readily available and cost effective biodegradable urn product.