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¬©Voyager Biodegradable Cremation Urns are an eco-friendly product crafted in New Zealand from natural biodegradable materials. An ideal solution for sea or water burials as an alternative to the unpredictable risks commonly associated with the conventional method of scattering ashes by simply casting or tossing the ashes to the wind. Whereas with a biodegradable urn, the ashes remain enclosed within the urn which serves as a vessel that gradually and safely releases the ashes back to nature. Our ¬©Voyager urns are also suitable for land burials as well.

When placed in water the urn is designed to float for a few minutes before gracefully sinking and releasing the ashes into nature without harming the environment. We want you to be able to honour your loved-one in a manner that will allow you to look back on the occasion with peace-of-mind and a pleasant experience.

Be sure to also read our FAQ and Scattering Ashes sections which provides further details and information regarding our biodegradable urns.

Our urns are manufactured and sold in New Zealand but we also ship to Australia. To browse or purchase products please select the shop for your location:


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